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Our Brand


Brand History

In 1995 a small Australian owned and organic based hair care brand started a revolution. They set about looking for healthier ingredients to include in their products while maintaining professional performance and great results. Make it clean and make it work was their ethos. They started by replacing the harshest chemicals with organic ingredients.

As time went on their passion for certified organic ingredients increased and so did their expertise in using them effectively, crowning them as the Professional Organics Specialist. While the others ignored the need for a healthier alternative, this small Australian brand toiled on, perfecting their craft, loving the products they created and growing ever more passionate about the organics movement.

Today, the little Australian brand has grown, and they’ve become the most trusted name in professional luxury hair and skincare organics. DNA Organics is happily carrying the flag, leading the way and passionately driving the revolution they started.

The DNA Philosophy

If there is a genuinely healthier alternative that offers professional and reliable results, DNA will discover and embrace it to create exceptional products for all, from the earth, organically. To start a revolution, to disrupt normality, to celebrate the perfectionist and reward the user. To commit the team to a never-ending pursuit of the purest formulations using the most caring and functional ingredients… And to never ever compromise on this philosophy.

Environmental Sustainability

DNA use packaging that can be recycled in most local council programs. Recycled cardboard and paper is also used in the administration and dispatch department along with an enthusiastic support of green power solutions.

Sponsorship and Social Good

Each year DNA choose one charity and work closely with them to help them achieve their goals.

In 2018 we provided sponsorship to Icon Cancer Foundation. Icon Cancer Foundation conducts trials across both haematology (blood and bone marrow) and oncology (cancer) settings, including both medical oncology and radiation oncology. Through clinical trials they aim to provide more Australians with access to new approved treatments.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.