How I care for my blonde hair – Emily Kos

How I care for my blonde hair – Emily Kos

Maintaining and caring for blonde hair can be quite the hassle as we all know. Not only do we need to battle with the natural elements, we also need to avoid over styling or processing of our hair as us blondies are more prone to breakage and drying out. Luckily for us DNA have created products making caring for my blonde hair an absolute breeze.

I’ve been blessed with an incredible hairdresser Chris at Edge Studio Hairdressing who really knows what he is doing with taking care of my hair and due to his amazing colour work I only need to see him every 3 months or so!

In regard to washing my hair, I only do it 2 times a week. I feel like my hair really thrives in its natural oils which I don’t want to strip them away too often. When I do wash my hair, I use DNA nourish shampoo and alternate between the nourish conditioner or Qplexx bond protector depending on how exercise heavy my week has been.

Most of the time I don’t style my hair or even blow dry it as a matter of fact, I just let it dry naturally. When I do style my hair, I always put in heat protection this is a massive MUST as it keeps it looking fresh, hydrated and protected after I have exposed it to such high heats. A lot of my time is spent at football or work which requires my hair to be up a lot, I really try and avoid tying my hair too tight to help minimise breakage. I use scrunchies and non-metal elastics, so it is softer on my hair.

– Emily Kos

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