My go to healthy foods and their benefits – Emily Kos

My go to healthy foods and their benefits – Emily Kos

Okie DNA fam let’s talk about healthy foods… they have this stigma of not really tasting as good as ‘unhealthy’ food and I mean when you compare broccoli to chocolate cake they’re probably right. I’m going to give you some insight into a few of my go to foods, and I mean I find them just as delish as cake and they have a lot more health benefits…
My favourite go to snack of all time is tablespoon of natural crunchy peanut butter warmed up in the microwave (so it’s a bit runny) with a banana cut up, the carbs will give you a quick mood and energy spike, while the protein will keep the energy going for hours! I usually have this as a mid-morning snack as it helps me avoid extra snacking throughout the day (this snack is roughly 195 calories for those who count) I am also a massive fan of smoothies especially since I live a very on the go lifestyle they really suit. My go to is a salted caramel protein, with a handful of chopped up dates, a teaspoon of honey, 200ml of milk, half a banana and ice! I love the flavour of this it literally tastes like a salted caramel milkshake and it keeps me full until my next meal.
Ok let’s talk smoothie bowls… now these are my favourite breakfast go to for summer either a peanut butter protein bowl or an acai bowl both topped with seasonal fruit, now I don’t make these as I don’t have the right blender for it but if you’re fully equipped I highly recommend giving these websites a try for the recipes:

– Emily Kos

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