QPLEXX Bond 00 Series


You will love our QPLEXXbond 00 series.

  • Organic based and Australian developed and researched three-part plex system.
  • Every bottle contains 33 ingredients sourced, purchased and certified organic in Australia.
  • Every bottle contains the latest organic compound ingredients as the base.

An organic-based plex system by DNA Organics.

QPLEXXbond 00 Series is an organic based professional plex system by DNA Organics. Our plex system helps create new hair bonds and protect existing ones, delivering healthier feeling and looking hair. Designed to help prevent excessive damage caused by chemical hair treatments, colour treatments and hair lightening.


Our amazing QPLEXXbond 001 helps to create new bonds and buffer the existing ones. 001 helps deliver stronger and healthier hair with enhanced condition and suppleness. Formulated to be used by your DNA colourist in conjunction with hair colour and lightening powder treatments.

Professional use only.


Our QPLEXXbond 002 helps create new bonds and buffer existing ones while delivering stronger and more supple hair. This is a brilliant stand-alone treatment that does not affect the processing time of your treatments or have any effect on the developer level. Your DNA colourist can apply this to your hair behind the basin after using 001.

Professional use only.


Our QPLEXXbond 003 take home treatment delivering emollients and a dose of our 33 certified organic ingredients. Use as part of the 3 part system that helps prolong and enhance the treatment undertaken in the salon. Use at least twice a week to help maintain healthy hair.

Want our QPLEXXbond 00 series in your salon?

Only QPLEXX 003 is available for consumers. 001 and 002 are available for professionals ONLY.

If you would like to stock DNA Organics’ QPLEXXbond 00 Series in your salon, please submit an inquiry and one of our friendly team members will get back to you to start the first step of your DNA Organics’ journey.