DNA QPLEXX – The Worlds Cleanest Organic Bond


The worlds cleanest organic bond.

“Truly a cosmetic miracle”

The ultimate professional plex system by DNA Organics. Our plex system helps in the cosmetic multiplication of hair bonds and in the protection of existing bonds, delivering healthier feeling and looking hair. This series is absolutely the most indulgent and luxurious of our Clean Luxury Treatment systems.

QPLEXX Bond Multiplier

Professional use only.

A smooth liquid delivery of our Hero ingredient, Serr40, at 100% Strength. The first and most essential step, designed to help in the process of cosmetic multiplication of the hair. Can be added straight to most approved professional chemical in-salon products. Alternatively, it can be combined with DNA No2 QPLEXX Bond Strength, as a stand alone intense cosmetic bond building treatment.

The ultimate cosmetic bonding experience starts with No1.

QPLEXX Bond Strength

Professional use only.

A super intense concentrated creme masque which ensures smooth penetration with our Hero ingredient, Serr40, at 75% Strength. This essential second step is designed to help in the cosmetic multiplication and strengthening of the hair. To be applied after every in salon QPLEXX treatment, or combined with DNA No1 QPLEXX Bond Multiplier as a stand-alone intense cosmetic bond building treatment.

The most luxurious stand-alone cosmetic treatment ever.

QPLEXX Bond Protector

The ultimate luxury take home treatment masque. Designed to help continue, prolong and protect any cosmetic bond building treatment you undertake. No3 QPLEXX is the essential third part of any QPLEXX treatment process. Infused with our Hero ingredient, Serr40, at a whopping 50% Strength. With a supremely hand crafted fine aroma to tantalise your senses. The ultimate indulgence for you and your hair, because you deserve the best.

Yes, it is essential for you to take one home.

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