The ultimate salon experience at home

The ultimate salon experience at home

We can all agree that our current climate has changed the way we live and interact. It has become a challenge to meet up with family and friends safely as well as taking time for ourselves to refresh and rewind whether this be getting a fresh set of nails, a facial or even visiting your favourite hair salon. At DNA Organics we have developed an at home hair care pamper routine for you to enjoy, relax and look after your beautiful locks. Light a candle, put on a podcast and invest in some time for you and your hair. Your hair will love you for our at-home hair care routine!

Firstly, we Exfoliate.

Just like you do with your beautiful skin it is important that we exfoliate our hair and scalp. Our Exfoliating shampoo is a one of a kind shampoo that provides a deep exfoliating cleanse. The active raws help remove excess oils, product build up and excess toxins, leaving your hair feeling cleansed, balanced and renewed without stripping your essential natural oils. Our key ingredient, Basil Oil, is added to help rejuvenate dull hair and strip grease. Wet your hair and apply shampoo working it into a lather. Rinse well and repeat if necessary. Use this product at least once a week or as required for optimum results.

Next, we Cleanse.

Healthy hair starts at the roots. A healthy scalp = healthy looking and feeling hair. Keeping your hair and scalp clean is important to help achieve healthy looking and feeling locks. Cleansing your hair helps to remove product build up from conditioning and styling ingredients which can dull the hair and weigh it down. Just like how you cleanse your face everyday it is important to cleanse your hair at least 2 times a week. Choose your favourite DNA Organics shampoo that suits your hair needs that will help you develop a fantastic cleansing routine.

Lastly, we Condition

Conditioning your hair after your exfoliate and cleanse is essential to having shiny and healthy hair. If you want silky, smooth and shiny hair it is essential to use a good conditioner to assist in the look and feel of your hair. Match your chosen DNA Organics shampoo to its matching conditioner to achieve optimal results. Apply your chosen conditioner to your hair focusing on the ends to help smooth the hair cuticle.

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