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A perfect fusion of Luxury and Organics.

The ultimate luxury brand
Indulge yourself in every individual scent that is hand curated by our expert perfumer, the Nose (French: le nez).

Inspired by the arts and philosophy of modern minimalism. Our master designed white packaging presents as sleek and clean, fresh and organic.

Award-winning high-performance formulas that are a result of passionate collaborations between dedicated cosmetic engineers and talented industry hair and skin experts.

Luxury experience that is hard to forget

Want our Luxury Organics™ Collection in your salon?

Want Australian made hair products? If you would like to stock DNA Organics’ Luxury Organics™ Collection, please submit an enquiry and one of our friendly team members will get back to you to start the first step of your DNA Organics’ journey.

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You will love our Luxury Organics™ Collection

Every product in the DNA luxury organics range boasts the following heritage:

  • Pure shampoos that cleanse and clarify.
  • Rich conditioners that balance and smooth.
  • Intense treatments that heal and leave your hair renewed.
  • Strong protectors that guard your hair against damage.
  • Modern styling products that deliver on their promises.
  • 100% Australian made hair products.
  • 100% Australian owned.
  • Contain certified organic ingredients, purchased and certified in Australia.
  • Contain stable plant based extracts, minimal product separation.
  • Contain cosmetic grade raw materials, purchased in Australia for safety.

You can trust DNA Organics

  • The original Australian owned brand since 1995.
  • Australian researched, developed and hairdresser tested.
  • Proven high performance and reliable results.
  • Never tests on animals, only tested in current working professional hair salons.
    The Organics Specialist. We Know Organic Colour.


Made with certified organic ingredients and packaged with care!