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FAQ section involving the performance of our DNA products.

Unfortunately not every hairdresser is a well trained hair colourist and therefore would not be aware that DNA Hair Colour Organics works just as well and in a lot of cases better than traditional colour.
There are many hair colourists who are trained to deliver great results using DNA Hair Colour Organics, they are an Accredited DNA Hair Colour Specialist. Drop us an email (at hello@dnaorganics.com.au) and we can direct you to one close to you.

That’s not true. It takes time and commitment to learn new technologies as they become available and become a specialist in any field. Most hairdressers are time poor so their customers tend to miss out.
If you like we can happily guide your hairdresser in the right direction, or we can always recommend an Accredited DNA Hair Colour Specialist who would be happy to look after you.

Yes, with dedication to training you can be an Accredited DNA Hair Colour Specialist. You will be able to consult thoroughly and achieve great results for your customers.

Yes, there are many dedicated hairdressers and colourists across Australia working in great salons who deliver amazing results using DNA Hair Colour Organics.

Yes, that’s why it is recommend that you visit an Accredited DNA Hair Colour Specialist to experience Hair Colour Organics first hand.

That really depends on your lifestyle and the way you care for your hair colour. There are so many examples of different lifestyle choices that will affect the longevity of your hair colour, the list is endless.

The seasons, the activities you take part in, the way you care for your hair. Some examples that speed up colour fade are; bad hair condition, swimming, outdoor work/sports, hot iron styling/blow-drying, chemical hair processing and daily shampooing.
For example, someone that stays indoors and shampoos their hair once a week usually has better hair colour longevity than someone with a highly active outdoor lifestyle that shampoos their hair daily.

DNA Hair Colour Organics has the ability to provide 100% full grey coverage. It is used in many professional salons as their No.1 choice for sustainable colour.

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you should only need to colour your hair once every 4 weeks.

It is highly recommended that you wait at least 6 weeks for the henna to reasonably wash out before colouring your hair with DNA Hair Colour Organics as you might have a reaction or not achieve any colour deposit on the hair.


FAQ section involving the safety of our DNA products.

It is not possible to guarantee that you will not experience an allergic reaction whilst colouring your hair. Many people can develop a sensitivity to a variety of different ingredients over time without notice.

Performing this test before every application is at best an indicator only but can not guarantee an allergic free experience. There is always a risk of an allergy and that risk must be assessed and undertaken by the customer. No one should or can guarantee an allergic free experience.

Yes, definitely. We recommend performing this test before every application, even if you have previously used this product without a reaction.

Stop using the colour immediately, rinse out the colour mixture thoroughly. If the reaction is severe or unbearable please immediately contact your health professional for medical advice.  This hair colour is not compatible with you, do not use this colour again.

Any brand guaranteeing a reaction free experience whilst colouring your hair is careless and unethical. For example some people have an allergy to water (aquagenic urticaria), which causes hives when the skin comes in contact with water. In our opinion any brand guaranteeing a reaction free experience should be avoided.

If you are pregnant it is important to see your Doctor to ask if the ingredients in the product are suitable for you to use or not.
Safety or appropriate suitability of any product during pregnancy is highly dependent on each individual situation and should only ever be assessed by your health professional who should know your needs. Many pregnant women choose to have DNA Organics colours applied in the salon happily, however this definitely needs to be an individual choice.

We take your and our safety very seriously so if using or having the product used on you the you must follow all the safety directions closely.  It is important to see your Doctor to ask if the ingredients in the product are suitable for you to use or not.
Safety or appropriate suitability of any product is highly dependent on each individual situation and should only ever be assessed by your health professional who should know your needs. Many people choose to either use or requested to have used DNA colours happily, however this definitely needs to be an individual choice.

Your hairdresser will usually gladly perform this service for you, They will place a small amount of a mixture of the product on the inside of your elbow and let it dry and do not wash it for 48 hours. Next, if there has been no swelling, rashes, or itchiness during this period, you should be able to proceed to the application of the product.
You should not use this product if you have had any allergic reactions to hair colouring products, or if you have a sensitive or damaged scalp or rash. In these cases it is important to consult your Physician prior to colouring your hair.

Many factors determine the possibility of an allergic or other reactions to hair colouring products, these include but are not limited to your current state of health, your current internal toxic load, your current intake of medication, the existence of permanent make up and especially the existence of tattoos on the body, these can all increase the possibility of reactions while colouring your hair.

One of the biggest false claims is “chemical free”. Any brand claiming that their brand is chemical free is careless and unethical. For example water is a chemical; its proper chemical name is “Dihydrogen monoxide”. In our opinion you should avoid brands that make the false claim of “chemical free”.

Any brand claiming that their product contains absolutely no toxins is careless and unethical. For example, water contains toxins that at excessive levels can be very toxic to humans.

In our opinion you should completely avoid brands that claim their product is toxic free or contains no toxins.


FAQ section involving the safety of our DNA products.

That is definitely misinformation. It is true that the world health organisation allows for a maximum use of 10% TDS in hair colouring formulas. This is in comparison to a maximum 4% PPD in hair colouring formulas. For example the maximum TDS that is in any DNA Hair Colour Organics ranges is much less than half the maximum 10%. We only include from 1% up to 3.5% in any colour.

There is a lot of dangerous and unethical misinformation online regarding this ingredient. TDS is definitely a different ingredient with different traits. That is why it can be tolerated by more people. There is much reputable research proving TDS to be a milder alternative for people wishing to permanently colour their hair. Only real neutral and reputable research should be taken into account when deciding to choose a suitable alternative for you.

DNA Hair Colour Organics Green Label Sustainable Colour uses (TDS) Toluene-2,5-diamine sulphate, which is proven to be a much milder ingredient and that can be tolerated by more than 50% of people that reacted to PPD as tested.

Phenylenediamine is a large family of ingredients. PPD (p-Phenylendiamine) is one of the many ingredients belonging to this family. Another ingredient that belongs to this family is Toluene-2,5-diamine sulphate (TDS), This is definitely a different ingredient to PPD. European cosmetic packaging law requires that the family name of Phenylenediamine is used.

Some people are sensitive to PPD (p-Phenylenediamine) in permanent hair dye. Some have been given professional medical advice to avoid PPD but would still like to colour their hair without using Henna and other non-professional methods. They require an alternative to colouring their hair.

PPD (p-Phenylenediamine) is a substance found virtually in every permanent hair dye, even ones that claim they are totally natural, it is usually hidden under different names. Increasingly there are many henna products, especially black henna which contains PPD.

DNA Hair Colour Organics organic based hair colour is a proper professional permanent change hair colour that can offer your highly trained DNA colourist an option of:
Green Label: No PPD, no ammonia, no resorcinol, no parabens. This is our larger main range.
Black Label: Low PPD, low ammonia, no parabens. This is our small secondary range.


FAQ section involving the organic ingredients of our DNA products.

Yes, DNA Hair Colour Organics hair colours definitely conform to the the EU cosmetic regulations which state a total ban on testing and marketing cosmetic ingredients and products that have been tested on animals. This regulation came into force all over the European Union on 11 March 2013 with the new cosmetic regulations No. 1223/2009.

We always test our products in real salons on real people, after all we are all about professional results for humans, not animals.

Yes we market DNA colour ranges as vegan.
DNA Hair Colour Organics hair colours are a cosmetic non-consumable.
We never test on animals. We do use animal ingredients in our colours. However we do contain plants ingredients that are pollinated by bees and some vegans consider this as unacceptable – we do understand this point of view and apologise if it offends.

For information on the ingredients please visit our Ingredients glossary here.

Of the roughly 52 ingredients in a tube of DNA Hair Colour Organics there are 33 ingredients which are purchased in Australia and Certified Organic by we believe to be one of the most respected Organic Certifiers in the world; ACO (Australian Certified Organic). We only trust and use ingredients that are certified by this Certifier. It is impossible for it to work as a professional salon hair colour and be totally certified organic and edible.

Unlike some other countries, in Australia the packaging law states that all manufacturers must state the full chemical name of all ingredients on the packaging. The only chemical name exempt is water, which has one of the scariest chemical names (DHMO) or Dihydrogen monoxide.  The chemical name “Dihydrogen monoxide” means “two hydrogen, one oxygen”, H2O.


FAQ section involving the supply and ownership of our DNA products.

DNA Hair Colour Organics is 100% Australian owned, designed, formulated and controlled. All pricing and product decisions are made here without any interference. Unlike most brands on the market we have full stock and full control of our stock.

Unfortunately not. However, your hairdresser may contact us or we can contact them on your behalf to order products within the DNA Hair Colour Organics range.

Unfortunately we are legally not able to offer professional specific hair colour advice or specific hair advice to consumers as we are not able to see or touch the hair. Only a fully trained and licensed hair colour professional should give you specific hair colour advice. Only a fully trained and accredited DNA Hair Colour Specialist should be trusted with our products. Your chosen hair colour professional may contact us for professional hair colour advice, so please allow a little extra time as we will need to verify their credentials before we are legally able to offer advice.

Unfortunately we are not able to make calls to, or receive calls from consumers. All inquiries must be made via email or standard mail to P.O Box 7074, Mount Annan, NSW, 2567, Australia.

DNA Hair Colour Organics is only available for purchase by accredited professionals (salons and hairdressers). DNA Hair Colour Organics is not available for the general public to purchase.

DNA Hair Colour Organics is available for use professional use only and should never be used by anyone who is not a licensed experienced hairdresser/colourist authorised. Preferably you would visit as salon that is accredited by DNA Organics as a specialist.


Do you have any questions that were not clarified in our FAQ? Click below to send us your question, and our lovely support team will get to you as soon as possible.