Goodbye 2020.

Goodbye 2020.

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a dud and obviously it wasn’t ideal for anyone. It was a year of high stress and risk and what a rollercoaster of emotions it was. I am sure we went into 2020 with a bucket list of goals that we were unable to tick off spending more time at home than ever before. Prior to 2020 I don’t think we truly appreciated the little things in life like being able to go to a cafe with our friends for breakfast, being able to go to the gym, being able to travel around the world, going to the grocery store without having to wear a face mask or being able to go to concerts and festivals.


But, I think we can all agree that there have been many lessons to come out of 2020 that we can bring into the new year. We shouldn’t let the bad outshine the good. We can all agree 2020 has taught us to all s l o w down. I think we can all relate that we were constantly on the go, rushing to mark the next thing off our to do list, quickly finishing off the last assignment or rushing to be somewhere at a certain time. Our mind was always thinking about the future, the what’s next and never truly appreciating the present. Here are a few things our team has learnt and that we are grateful for:

🤍 Family is THE more important thing
🤍 Pursue your passion and don’t be fearful
🤍 Be present
🤍 Check in with loved ones. A quick call or message to let them know your thinking of them is so important
🤍 Appreciate the little things in life
🤍 More importantly pamper and look after yourself

There is so much to look forward to. We have all been thrown with a curveball this year but I know this is not where we are going to stay forever. We all have goals and dreams we want to achieve. Let’s say goodbye to 2020 but carry the lessons we learnt into 2021 and let’s see what the new year has in store for us. :sparkles:

Fireworks against a dark night sky.
Sparkler against a dark background with colourful lights.

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