AHIA Winners

AHIA Winners

The winners of the 2019 Australian Hair Industry Awards have been announced.

Written by Janelle Miller, April 2019.

Only the best products, salons and hairdressers made the cut at the 2019 Australian Hair Industry Awards hosted this year at The Star on the Gold Coast. The annual awards night introduced a new category this year, awarding prizes, including a crystal trophy for hair care treatment and style products.

DNA Organics won best cream treatment product of the year with Primrose Reco Masque and finalised in two other product categories.

CEO and founder of DNA Organics, Tony Awad spoke about the competition and the passion behind each of his products.

“We make each product passionately, we know every ingredient that goes into each bottle, tube, jar and sachet and we genuinely and absolutely believe they are better in every way”

Mr Awad said.

“I can’t lie, it is a spectacular feeling competing against worldwide multibillion dollar brands in a fair competition, and then to be acknowledged as having the best hair treatment product in 2019.”

It took judges three weeks to judge more than a hundred products that were all repackaged into non-branded clean skin containers.

DNA Organics is an Australian salon professional luxury organic hair care brand that proudly supports no animal testing and all-natural ingredients to make top of the range organic products.

Before the awards night, The Star also hosted the well-known Hair Biz forum, featuring a presentation called Healthy Hair Means Healthy Business by Mr Awad and Simone Lee.

Simone Lee received the award for best hairdresser in WA and NT and is a world renown hair trichologist. Trichology is the scientific study and practice of hair and scalp care.

Mrs Lee went through the finer details of scalp care and how using the right products and patch testing is crucial to keep your hair healthy.

This is not the first time the pair have worked together as Mrs Lee spoke of how she came across DNA Organics in her Hair Biz article.

Mrs Lee said she met Mr Awad after years of searching for an organic alternative to help a customer allergic to a chemical component in most other hair products.

“It has taken years and my research lead me to the brand DNA Organics. I contacted Tony… and he immediately sent me a selection of his hair colourants for testing,” Mrs Lee said.

“I conducted several allergy tests… and none of them showed any allergen symptoms.”

Mrs Lee could finally help her customer and has been a supporter of the brand since.

DNA Organics was inspired by the inadequate provision of salon professional organic hair treatments, Mr Awad explained in his Hair Biz article.

“A friend was distraught not having a clean choice to offer his clients. He wanted a fresh product, something that felt and smelt real, like he had picked it that day,” Mr Awad said.

“I’ve been obsessed ever since with providing a better alternative, passionately nerdy about organics and ingredients.”

Mr Awad hopes these results will really show consumers that you are not losing any quality by using organic hair products over chemical ones.

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