Curtain Bangs: The Trending Style Every IT Girl is Rocking

Curtain Bangs: The Trending Style Every IT Girl is Rocking

The Cut That Won’t be Leaving Us Anytime Soon!

Do you want to try a fringe or bangs but scarred from that one haircut you got in year 6? Curtain bangs might just be the cut for you! This soft swept style looks near perfect on pretty much anyone. So if you’ve been asking yourself the question if you should get bangs – the answer is a definite yes!


Curtain bangs are arguably the most flattering cut for just about anyone due to the soft angle they are cut at. In addition, curtain bangs perfectly frame your face and highlight your features.

Curtain Bangs Go Way Back…

The infamous curtain bang was popularised in the ’60s and 70’s to accompany a shaggy and effortless cut. Think of Farrah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angel’ or Bridgett Bardot – now that is the ultimate curtain bang we wish we could all pull off! Without a doubt, your grandmother or even mother would have had this cut. All in all, trends recirculate and we are standing strong with this one!



Get Banged

If you’re not sold on the trend yet, here are a few inspo pics that will make you book that appointment with your stylist!

We would be incredibly surprised and shocked if Instagram’s biggest Scandi influencer and IT girl Matilda Djerf did not appear in a Pinterest search for curtain bangs. The curtain bang has become her signature look and as a result, the very reason for this trend resurfacing. A perfect reference photo to show your stylist for those that want an effortlessly chic look.

A foolproof style that plays well with curly texture. They are longer than traditional bangs, thus they allow wiggle room for shrinkage. And on top of that, curtain bangs and won’t leave you with an awkward length bang!

This style works a treat on short hair too! Pair curtain bangs with layers to give a modern 70’s shaggy feel.

Ask for long curtain bangs if you just want to dip your toes in the water. A perfect accompaniment to straight hair to add subtle wispiness and movement!

Enhance your waves by bringing them to the front since they deserve the spotlight after all!

Finally, style your hair in a messy bun to nail the cool French girl look. Also did we mention that this is super chic?!

How To Style Curtain Bangs?

You have committed to the cut and now you might be thinking about how to style it. Here are a few styling products that will take your bangs to another level and will make you wish you got them sooner!

Volumizing Blowdry Balm

Your blow dryer will be your best friend from now on to give your bangs fullness and volume. Amp up the volume factor with our Volumizing Blowdry Balm to get banging bangs all day. Did we mention that this is also an anti-frizz formula? Perfect for adding bounce whilst maintaining stubborn frizz.

Curlactive Style Foam

To all our curly hair gals out there, this product will make your curls and texture more defined in addition to adding volume to your roots. Add our Curlactive Style Foam to your freshly cut curtain bangs to hold their shape all day!

Voludust Powder

If you have naturally straight hair, add a dash of our Voludust Powder to lift your roots. Not to mention, this works wonders on second-day hair to acting as a dry shampoo to reduce oiliness.

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