DNA Salons Go-to Product

DNA Salons Go-to Product

Humiseal– This is beyond my favourite spray on the market and probably the most important product I carry with me to each and every wedding and styling session. This product not only holds the hair in place but eliminates frizz and helps smoothing process. It doesn’t even matter how much you spray on once section of hair it never and take my work it NEVER compromises the curl or get dry and tacky after brushing it multiple times it’s the only spray I have come across to give me 100% results and never fails me! I literally cannot work without Humiseal or get the final look I want without it! In fact, I find the more I spray and brush the better the results I get. Humiseal for me is my no.1 go to before anything else I use in styling – it has never failed me. To top it off it smells divine (I always get comments on how amazing it smells) and it’s organic so no nasties which makes it even more special to me!

It’s multiple uses makes it even more fabulous. I use this on hot tools and also after I’ve used hot tools you can continue spraying and brushing without the hair getting crunchy. It’s literally my magic tool in a bottle! That is the honest truth – I had a helper with me yesterday at my wedding and she used the Humiseal for the first time and she was blown away. She couldn’t believe how amazing it worked!

To sum it up, I would recommend this product to any of my clients for the simple fact you can’t misuse it, it works on every hair type and is brushable but also gives results and hold and eliminates frizz. There are no rules with this product you can never over use it. Everyone needs a Humiseal in their life!

Humiseal is my go to product when I have the time to style my own hair and I just grow more in love with it every time I use it. Why do I love it? It gives you that perfect second day hair feel! It’s a light weight, flexible hold and is easy to brush out without that tacky hairspray feeling.

My other favourite thing about it is that it contains a bunch of certified organic ingredients including one of my very favourites for overall health – evening primrose oil and is free of nasty sulphates & parabens. A little tip to remember is- Less is more! You never need to go OTT with humiseal, a light spray all around will go far and leave you the perfect amount of texture, shine and hold!

Lauren Mannah- Lauren Ashley Hair and Body.

My go to DNA product for everyday styling, texture hold and of course it smells amazing would be the Humiseal Spray! I love products that are super versatile and they don’t limit you to anything. I love it for hold, shine and also the fact that you can brush it out without any build up in the hair. When you’ve got a big day of styling and different hair vibes, you’ll understand.

My #1 DNA product is Primrose Reco Masque.

Why? PRM smells of spring and balmy summer nights. Using it warms my heart and makes me smile. Really? Yes. Yes it does. Primrose Reco Masque won me over the second I flipped open it’s cap and it’s fragrance of yesteryear spring filled my senses. I fell in love with PRM thanks to its timeless elegant and well-balanced fragrance before seeing, touching or feeling the luxurious shine, effortless manageability and soft texture that proper use results in. PRM is simple to use. It is my clients #1 treatment choice and my genie in a bottle.

What makes this treatment a winner? Its simplicity. It is fuss free, easy to use and the results? They speak for themselves!! Shampoo your hair twice as usual, rinse thoroughly. Towel dry hair gently Apply PRM. Massage in (optional). 4. Allow to sit in hair for a minimum of 5 minutes (preferably wrapped) before combing through and rinsing out! You now have beautiful, shiny hair. You’re welcome!

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