Look after your locks like a pro this summer

Look after your locks like a pro this summer

So most of us are about to finish work for the year and celebrate our holidays Aussie style by the beach or pool. But between the sun, sand, humidity, sea salt and chlorine our hair in the summer get a pretty rough deal.
Our hair can get pretty damaged over the summer time feeling dry, looking limp and lifeless. Why does this happen? The environmental factors that we are exposed to during the summer such as overexposure to the sun and swimming in chlorinated pools dries out our hair making it feel like straw. (and nobody wants that) So we have come up with 8 tips for how you can look after your hair like a pro this summer.

  1. Exfoliate – After you have finished swimming at the pool or beach wash your hair with an exfoliating shampoo to remove and cleanse the beach day away. Try DNA Organics Exfoliating Shampoowhich helps remove excess oils, product build up and excess toxins, leaving your hair feeling cleansed, balanced and renewed without stripping your essential natural oils.

  2. Condition – Conditioning your hair after you exfoliate and cleanse is essential to having shiny and healthy hair. If you want silky, smooth and shiny hair it is essential to use a good conditioner to assist in the look and feel of your hair.

  3. Treat – Is your hair feeling damaged, brittle and dry? Help restore your hair moisture and hydration by nourishing it with a hair masque. A hair masque has a higher concentration of nutrients that helps to penetrate into the hair strands and help to repair the hair from deep within. Try DNA Organics Primrose Reco Masque.

  4. Sunscreen – Do you apply sunscreen to your face and body? Remember your hair is just as important! DNA Organics UV Guard helps protect your colour and gorgeous locks from the hard Aussie sun and hydrates the hair at the same time! Amazing right?⁠

  5. Beat the heat – Our hair is already exposed to enough heat during summer, so limit your hot tools use letting your hair air-dry as much as possible. Embrace your natural texture and give your hair a well earned holiday from the hot tools.

  6. Get soaked before you swim – Did you know our locks work like a sponge and they reach a saturation point? We recommend wetting your hair with clean water before you go for a dip. This will help limit how much sea water and chlorine your hair soaks up!

  7. Wear loose styles – Try a messy bun, ponytail or braids to keep the frizz at bay and keep you cool with your hair off your neck. We also recommend using scrunchies over hair elastics as they cause minimum breakage to your hair. Our go to scrunchies are from @scunchikoand they also have waterproof scrunchies that are perfect for swimming. Amazing right?

  8. Wear a hat – It’s an obvious tip right, but wearing a hat keeps your locks and scalp protected from sun exposure.

Be sure to take care of your hair this summer!
Keep your summer hair looking fresh and healthy.

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