Quit Washing Your Hard Earned Money Down The Drain!

Quit Washing Your Hard Earned Money Down The Drain!

Are salon and professional-grade shampoos worth the price tag? Or are supermarket shampoos just as effective?


We are asked on a regular basis about the difference between salon-professional organic shampoos and supermarket shampoos so we are here to help.

The Scary Truth About Supermarket Shampoos

Did you know that once you wash your professionally coloured hair with supermarket shampoo, it reverses what you are paying your hairdresser to do?


Scary when you think of it like that right!


Using a supermarket shampoo is likely to fade your colour faster and can encourage brassiness. If professionals aren’t using supermarket products in their salons then there must be a reason why!


Invest in Quality, Invest in Great Hair Days

There’s no hiding that salon-professional shampoos are not light on the purse, however, you get what you pay for. When you invest in a salon-professional organic shampoo, you are purchasing a product that contains more active ingredients that will benefit your hair’s health.


DNA Luxury Organics provides salon-grade shampoos formulated to help prevent the deterioration of your hair’s health and assist in colour maintenance. Results and professional performance are the number one priority of salon-grade shampoos. You may be paying more for professional shampoos, however, your dollars will be going towards higher concentrations of premium quality ingredients.

What’s In Supermarket Shampoos That Make Them ‘Bad’?

Supermarket shampoos contain more sulphates and fillers and lack active ingredients to truly assist with improving your hair’s health. The media has conditioned us to believe that more bubbles in our shampoo mean that we are squeaky clean. Well, in fact, this ‘clean’ hair feeling might be just too clean and can comprise your hair and scalp health.


Initially, the hair will have an amazing cosmetic feel, however, over time causing build-up and potentially cause scalp issues such as a dry scalp and dandruff leaving the hair looking and feeling dull.

Luxury Results In Your Shower

DNA shampoos are sulphate and paraben-free. DNA Luxury Organics offers a range of salon and professional-grade shampoos that cater to your individual needs. We value inclusivity here at DNA and wish for everyone to experience the DNA Luxury feeling. Therefore there is a bottle (or two!) of shampoo that will suit everyone! Contact us to get in touch with our representatives to help you choose the best shampoo for you!

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