Quit washing your hard earned money down the drain!

Quit washing your hard earned money down the drain!

Is salon-professional organic hair care worth the price tag? Or is a supermarket shampoo just as effective? We are asked on a regular basis about the difference between salon-professional organic shampoos vs supermarket shampoos so we are here to help.


Did you know once you wash your freshly professionally coloured hair with supermarket shampoo it is reversing what you are paying your hairdresser to do. Scary, when you think of it like that right and what you just paid for! Using a supermarket shampoo is likely to fade your colour faster and make your blonde hair turn brassier quicker. If the professionals aren’t using supermarket products in their salon then there is a reason why!


There’s no hiding that salon-professional shampoos aren’t light on the purse however you get what you pay for. When you invest in a salon-professional organic shampoo you are purchasing a product that contains more active and essential certified organic Australian ingredients, that has been formulated and tested extensively. The product is designed and created with results and performance as the number one priority. You may pay more as the ingredients are high quality and more concentrated. However, using less product = replacing the product less frequently = saving money in the long run. DNA shampoos are sulphate and paraben free. A wise investment for your hair and its health.


Compared to supermarket shampoos which are diluted and generally detergent based meaning more water, sulphates, other fillers and does not have the same amount of active ingredients which causes the product to lather giving the impression that your hair is clean when it is not. Initially the hair will have an amazing cosmetic feel however overtime causing build up and potentially cause scalp issues such as a dry scalp and dandruff leaving the hair looking and feeling dull.

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