Social Media and Mental Health – Khush Mahajan

Social Media and Mental Health – Khush Mahajan

Hey lovelies! It’s already the month of October and many of you may or may not know that October is the National Mental Health Awareness Month. Since this year most of us have spent our time indoors due to the pandemic, I don’t think it should come as a surprise that there has been a significant increase in social media usage during COVID-19. So let’s just pause for a moment, reflect and ask ourselves… how has social media affected our mental health?
We all know about the negative effects of social media, and a lot of concern and attention has been drawn to the matter. So much so, that on November 2019, the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced that the amount of likes would no longer be visible to the users audience. I feel the issue of likes was in relation to online bullying, and that the visibility of likes does not solve all the issues surrounding mental health. Is it a step towards the right direction? Of course! But has it eliminated the issue all together? Not even the slightest. This is because we are the source of the problem. We all have the power to expose ourselves or not to expose ourselves. The choice is yours! A good example of this is the stigma surrounding body image. If you are not receiving positivity from the accounts you follow due to the constant comparison. Firstly remember, Instagram is simply a highlight reel! Secondly, instead of absorbing the content of just one category (fashion, beauty) start to explore more productive accounts (art, design, lifestyle, stylists, decorators). It’s all in your power.
I use social media to express myself. I use it to get inspiration. By following accounts such as @dnaorganics which is providing content in all 360 degrees. You can learn so much! Learn ways to style your hair through our IGTV videos. Absorb positivity, through our blog posts on our website (like the one you’re reading now 🙂 ) and get inspired. Our brains need to process information. If you feed your brain with the right information, you are taking care of it’s health and as a result you’ll most likely learn a new skill! Don’t focus on others focus on yourself, give your time and appreciation to what you are passionate about! Social media is a tool which helps us unite together and I am a big believer in that. It’s our choice what we choose to expose ourselves too.
In essence everything is about balance. With the right amount of time dedicated to recreation, creativity, relaxation, work and family, we can all have a healthy state of mind. Just remember that happiness is a state of mind, it’s a choice. I hope I have inspired you all to take advantage of social media and to care for your mental health. Take care everyone and stay safe.

– Khush Mahajan

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